Bring your property to life!

Being professional Property Stylist’s, we understand the importance of using a combination of design elements to achieve maximum impact. All too often, we see properties sitting on the market that are left empty, cold and dull. When potential buyers walk into a space, it’s crucial to create an emotional connection and make them fall in love with your property! Give these simple ideas a go.

Let there be light!
Natural light can instantly lift a space, increasing its visual appeal. It has the potential to make a space fell cleaner and newer! We say, make the most of the natural light in your property, and hey… it won’t cost you a cent.
Tip: Try replacing heavy drapery with a lighter material such as linen.

It’s all in the minor details…
Who wants to enter a room that’s bland with no life? Not us! It really does come down to the minor details that enhance and make a space look complete. Put together some fresh flowers, candles, and a mix of cushions to instantly create a new look.
Tip: Try arranging an assortment of accessories together with different heights and shapes.

Greenery Goodness
We can’t get enough of using greenery! Not only does it make a space feel alive, it adds a pop of zest and a calming layer to the room. If you’re not a huge fan of colour and prefer an understated look, a little splash of greenery can do just the trick!
Tip: Try placing your greenery in a statement vase or in an oversized basket for added appeal.

Create a focal point
Placing artwork in a space creates an instant focal point for your viewers. It’s an easy and effective way to bring a plain room to life. Find a simple abstract print for a minimalist look or if you’re brave enough, select a large statement piece with a pop of colour.
Tip: If you’re worried about putting holes in your walls, lean a piece of artwork up against a console table or buffet.

Tie everything together!
Introducing textures and layering not only assist’s in giving your space balance, it has the potential to create a “wow factor” when potential buyers walk through. Adding texture and layering different elements can be achieved through several ways. For example, combing a cluster of scatter cushions or mixing up a variety of complementing materials.
Tip: Create a mood board using small material off-cuts. This will allow you to play around with a range of potential textiles before committing to a locked in palette.

Open space design (no bulldozer required)
This new year is all about creating open and inviting spaces. Creating an open space doesn’t always require banging down walls. A simpler option may be to reconsider the furniture layout. Carefully position your furniture, whilst considering existing elements in your space. For example, windows, walls structure and direction of light.
Tip: Position your space with a large walk in clearance to create a welcoming entrance.

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