• QUESTION: What is Furniture Styling?

    ANSWER: There are many terms used for the same thing: Home Staging, Real Estate Styling, Real Estate Staging, Furniture Styling. They all mean the same thing, the installation and hire of furniture and accessories (staging props), for a period of selling your property. Find out more

  • QUESTION: What is your process for home staging in Perth?

    ANSWER: Our process is very simple, we can provide a generic quote with a brief of your property over the phone, then one of our stylists will provide a free onsite consultation to work out what will best work for your property to ensure you hit the market with impact.

  • QUESTION: What is your minimum hire period?

    ANSWER: Our minimum hire period is five weeks from the day the furniture is delivered and payment is required prior to delivery for full hire period.

  • QUESTION: What if my property sells sooner than that?

    ANSWER: Given that styling property styling will add marketability and appeal to buyers in Perth, this is highly likely. You can call us at any time to remove your furniture and staging pieces.

  • QUESTION: How much notice do you require before I put my house on the market?

    ANSWER: Two weeks prior would be ideal for us. We have a team of busy stylists and this enables them to put the ideal amount of time in to your property to ensure it is unique and appealing to the buyers you’re seeking. If the turnaround time is sooner, please call us and we can try and work some home styling magic on your property in Perth!

  • QUESTION: I have some of my own furniture, will you add in yours to finish the look?

    ANSWER: Our property staging services in Perth are purely for vacant properties where we have a blank canvas to work with. This ensure our Stylist’s time is used effectively and they can create the look required without compromise. You are more then welcome to check out our DIY Online store here  for any items you need.

  • QUESTION: What if we are living in the property?

    ANSWER: Unfortunately our furniture is for house staging display only. We do not hire for lived in properties for sale. If your query is in relation to our relocation services in Perth, then YES – we can absolutely assist! Please click here for further information.

  • QUESTION: Do you have a minimum spend for home staging in Perth?

    ANSWER: We have a minimum of either $3,000 *T&C’s apply or four main living areas. Once again, this will ensure you are getting the most out of staging your property to sell and achieving maximum impact. Find out more

  • QUESTION: I am moving to Perth and would like to hire furniture while I wait for my container to arrive, can you help?

    ANSWER: Absolutely! Please contact us for a quote

  • QUESTION: How Much Does Home Staging Cost?


    Home staging – An Investment Worthwhile


    What is Home Staging?

    Home staging, also commonly referred to as ‘home styling’, is the act of preparing a home for sale in the real estate market. The main goal of home staging, is to ensure a home is staged/styled in the best way, attracting potential buyers to the home, and therefore allowing the home to be sold for the highest possible amount.

    The Home Staging Process

    When you rely on FHSA for our home staging services, you’ll be partnering with a team of experienced interior stylists, who know the very best way to style your property, attracting the highest number of potential buyers. The process is simple; our team will work within your budget to style your home with furniture, art and various styling aids, all whilst maximising space, working with existing colours and features of the room/s, to ensure that the end result is a stylish home a potential buyer would want to live in.

    How Much Does Home Staging Cost?

    At FHSA, we know and understand that every individual’s budget is different to the next, which is why we offer a wide range of home staging packages to suit your own personal budget and home staging requirements. Whether you require a home staging package for a three-bedroom home, or a home staging package for the entire home, our home staging costs are an investment worthwhile. With home staging packages starting from as low as $2,500, our experienced interior stylists at FHSA, can help turn your home staging investment, into a sold sticker.

    You Won’t Need to Lift a Finger!

    The best part is, when our interior stylists take care of the home staging for your Perth property, you won’t need to lift a finger. Our team will come in, work on a home staging plan and do all the heavy lifting, moving and positioning of the furniture for you. After all, we know and understand just how stressful selling your house can be, which is why we take care of the entire process for you.

    Want to Find out More About our Home Staging Services?

    If you want to find out more about our home staging services and costs, or if you wish to contact our team to help style your Perth property, get in touch with us today. We’ve helped thousands of WA clients from all over the state sell their home, and we can help you too.


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