Case Study with Chrystal Smith

The client approached FHSA with a clear set of goals for me to achieve. They wanted the property to be styled for sale, requesting to keep a soft, neutral palette.

After a walk‐through of the property, I started to compile a list of potential challenges. The property comprised of numerous windows, meaning the option of leaning furniture against the walls was denied to me, resulting in floating pieces. While this did present a slight problem, I rose to the challenge and managed to arrange pieces strategically, avoiding the ‘unanchored’ feel that can sometimes arise from floating furniture.

The dimensions of the rooms were huge, and needed to be filled to showcase their practicality. I personally believe that many people succumb to the temptation of overfilling large spaces like these to attempt to create intimacy, but I resisted. I believe that several key pieces, when combined with on trend fabrics, textures and accessories can create warmth and cosiness.

There were several built‐in nooks and cavities that required items of the exact size to fill. FHSA have a huge warehouse full of contemporary furniture and accessories at our disposal, so I was confident that our stock would contain the perfect pieces for each of these spaces – and I was right. I was able to find matches for each of the spaces without any stress.

As with most styling projects completed by FHSA, the vision was to keep the property modern and spacious, and to utilise the natural light. I did this by reducing the amount of echo by using soft furnishings, and showcasing the beautiful view by strategically placing the furniture to allow background shots of the landscape.

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