Friday tips with FHSA!

Use the weekend to refresh the look of your study. A quick trip to a storage specialist will allow you to neaten up all the papers and bits and bobs that get dumped on your desk.

There is a huge range of affordable and stylish storage solutions on the market, and an hour or two spent sorting through your desk drawers and shelves will bring calmness and clarity back to your room.

Clutter is insidious ‐ especially when there are kids around! It may seem like a massive job, but by breaking it down area by area and culling what is necessary, before you know it you will have space and an organised area (we can’t guarantee it will last for long!).

De‐cluttering office spaces allows you to focus your mind, and gives you room to concentrate on the tasks at hand. When your property is open for inspection, the beauty of a clutter‐free work space is that it gives potential buyers the opportunity to imagine themselves sitting and working in that calm environment.

Creating an emotional connection to a property is vital when it comes to selling a home. So, grab your wallet and head out the door. Pick up some boxes and file holders (go for monochromatic ‐ black or white‐ as it oozes style) and get sorting.

If you need any help styling your home for sale, call us at FHSA. We are home styling professionals and we know all the tips and tricks for selling your home.

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