How to choose a Property Stylist

It can be quite overwhelming leaving your property in the hands of someone else. There are numerous property styling companies to choose from, but its important to do your research first and find the best Property Stylist for you and your property.

What criteria should you compare when choosing a Property Stylist?

1. Compare apples with apples

Pay close attention to the smaller details. Do they include floor rugs, accessories, floral arrangements, cushions and bathroom towels in their furniture package? Does the quote give you a break down of each individual furniture item? Is a transport fee included? Do they have insurance? Don’t just look at the bottom line cost, you need to take all of these factors into consideration.

2. Website & Social Media platforms

A company’s website is a great place to start. Look out for recent testimonials, a photo gallery displaying a variety of stock and up-to-date blogs. In addition, any property styling company should have a social presence. Social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook and Houzz will provide you with a clear indication of the level of execution they are capable of providing. Again, the content should be recent and showcasing a range of different styles. Remember – when it comes to property styling, there shouldn’t ever be “a one size fits all” approach. Each property is unique and requires furniture that is tailored to the individual space.

3. Do they understand the property and the outcome you want to achieve?
It’s a whole lot more than just placing furniture into a home. It’s important that your Property Stylist creates a relationship with your agent and services you to assist in achieving the overall end goal; to sell faster and for more.

4. Variety of stock to cater for all properties

The quality and execution of display furniture will significantly affect the sale of your property. Does the company cater for a range of different styles? Can they create both modern and classic looks plus everything in between? Can they accurately zone spaces? Is the furniture to scale in the room? Does the furniture compliment existing finishes and fittings? If your going to make an investment in styling your property, don’t cut corners.

5. Do they know the buyers?

Qualified Property Stylist’s don’t just understand the art to styling a home, they should also be able to determine the target market. A Property Stylist that understands your home from the inside and out will make strategic furniture selections, creating a lifestyle that is both achievable and aspirational to the potential buyer.

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