Style it up over Winter

May is almost over and the constant rain and gloomy skies which can make it even harder to have a successful home open are on their way. So how do you entice prospective buyers out in the bad weather to come and view your property? Property styling of course!

The beauty of engaging the services of styling professionals like FHSA is that we know how to make your property irresistible. At FHSA we understand the styling secrets you need to show your property off in its best light.

Speaking of light, have you ever noticed how all the houses on home renovation shows on the television keep their lights on when it comes to inspection/auction time? The right lighting can make or break a room, particularly on cold, wet and windy days. If have organised a home open on a weekend when it’s pouring down, think about using some strategic lighting to emphasis your property’s best aspects. Before you go rushing around turning on all the overhead lights, remember that harsh overhead lighting is not the most flattering – think changeroom lighting argh!- some low coffee and occasional table lighting creates warmth and comfort, and paired with the smell of fresh coffee, believe me, you’ll be on to a winner!

About the author: FHSA

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