With summer just around the corner, wouldn’t you like to have your property sold?

The property market in Perth is full of vacant properties that are attracting very little attention – so what can you do to make your property stand out from the crowd as spring fever hits and the market heats up?

With more and more people resorting to using their mobile phone to search for properties online, your property needs to make an immediate first impression to stop prospective buyers from scrolling past. This is where FHSA comes in. Our extensive experience in styling properties for sale has resulted in an impressive success rate, giving us a long list of very happy clients.

So what is the FHSA difference? There are several points that place us far ahead of our competition. Our staff of course, with their incredible professional expertise and knack for grasping each room’s specific assets is the first difference. Our team of stylists use their astute judgement to get the feel of each property and can cunningly target their styling choices towards specific demographics.

The fact the we hold a massive amount of stock in our furniture warehouse also works in our favour. We can style houses any way you desire – from modern contemporary to old school classic furniture, our stock choices are huge and allow us to being out the best aspects of every property, increasing desirability.

Spring is the perfect time to refresh the look of a vacant property – as the weather slowly starts to turn and people come out of hibernation, make use of FHSA’s services and book a home styling package today. The best part of a home styling package from us is that you don’t need to do any heavy lifting.

One of our stylists will visit your property and assess the space and light then return and draw up a list of suitable furniture and accessory options. One of our fleet vehicles will deliver and install the pieces for the length of the hire period, then come and collect it all when the contract comes to an end. You don’t have to do anything!

With summer just around the corner, wouldn’t you like to have your property sold? A home styling package with FHSA can help that happen. As Perth’s premier home stylists, we know exactly what to do to create truly beautiful homes.

Now offering fee free finance through zipmoney, there has never been a better time to style your vacant property.
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Furniture Hire and Styling Australia (FHSA) provides a complete service for anyone requiring relocation furniture hire and property styling and staging. All co-ordinated by our Interior Stylists and delivered and installed by our professional transport division. Furniture rental in Perth is made simple with FHSA.
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